Falling Springs Services

We provide services spanning:

  • Project identification and deal sourcing
  • Regulatory entitlement
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Mitigation solution development and sales

We work with many stakeholders and partners including:


We often partner with landowners, or purchase land outright, to protect and restore critical natural resources on their lands.  We have employed a variety of deal structures to meet the near and long term objectives of each party involved and maximize the value generated from the project.


We work closely with our customers and their respective consultants to answer mitigation related questions and provide solutions for the mitigation requirements related to the project.  We can provide turn key solutions from our existing projects or develop more customized plans to satisfy complex regulatory requirements. 


Falling Springs has worked with with federal, state and local regulators across the country to develop performance based environmental offset solutions.  We ensure that both our projects and our customers meet and exceed their specific regulatory requirements set forth by our regulatory partners.

Land Stewards and Non-Profits

Falling Springs partners with land conservation organizations and other non-profits to maintain and manage our mitigation projects in perpetuity. Our projects are endowed to ensure that each site is properly protected into the future.

Benefits of Mitigation

Falling Springs provides ecological offset solutions for environmental impacts that help advance our customer’s projects.   For a permit applicant, buying our credits provides an immediate and permanent transfer of mitigation liability from the project proponent to our bank.  Mitigation banks are proven to expedite the permitting process in accordance with the US Army Corps of Engineers 2008 Mitigation Rule which established a preference for mitigation banks.  Through our projects, we offer greater flexibility and value to project proponents who lack the expertise and resources necessary to develop and maintain a mitigation site.   Our mitigation projects protect large, continuous tracts that offer greater biodiversity and are more ecologically sustainable than smaller, alternative sites.